Specialisation series: Hard work, not magic – How I got where I am today

This post is the first in a new series of posts about specialisation. I’ve posted tips on specialising and why it is a good idea to specialise (here) and how to go about it before (here) but what has become clear to me recently is that many freelance translators who are just starting out look at translators with many years of experience, a broad customer base and expertise in one or more than one specialist field and feel both overwhelmed and, although they know that that’s where want to get to, have no idea how, when or even whether they will get there. From my perspective they seem to be focusing on the end product without realising that these experienced translators have taken many many tiny little steps over many years and that it is the culmination of these steps and a lot of hard work which has got them where they are today.

To take a more practical approach to this issue and to give you all a break from my advice for a change, I’ve asked some experienced translators to share their stories and their career paths. I will be posting the first two posts in this series by two Germany-based translators Regina Seelos and Fay Abernethy over the course of this week and plan to post more at a later date. I look forward to reading your comments.

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