New Series of Podcasts – Marketing Tips for Translators

After a rather long break from blogging – as a result of work commitments in the form of practically every customer I have ever had all wanting a translation in February – in this post I would like to draw your attention to a fairly new series of podcasts entitled “Marketing Tips for Translators“. In each of the approx. 30-minute podcasts English to Swedish translator, Tess Whitty, interviews an experienced translator and asks her (I write “her” because the interviewees were all female so far) about her marketing strategies, about how she started out and about which marketing technique works best for her.

For translators who spend most of their time reading and writing, the podcast format comes as a breath of fresh air. Podcasts are also great for those of us who love or have no choice but to multitask: so far I’ve listened to them whilst travelling, doing the housework and waiting to pick up my daughters from afternoon activities. You can download and subscribe to the podcasts for free from the iTunes store and the links mentioned during the podcasts and further information about the interviewees can be found on the Marketing Tips for Translators website.

Well done to Tess Whitty on this new project which is sure to help new and experienced translators alike!


2 thoughts on “New Series of Podcasts – Marketing Tips for Translators

    • Hi Tess, I’ve just listened to your latest podcast on branding! The topics are always so interesting and I think that whether you are an experienced translator or just starting out, there are tips for everyone. Suggestions for topics? What about information products and other downloadable items which translators can include on their websites to enhance their credibility? I participated in a marketing programme last year and one of the key areas we covered, after visibility and getting clients to one’s website, was creating credibility and trust, and offering free information products can be a way of doing that. I wrote a guide to commissioning legal translations for lawyers (it’s in German because 95% of my customers are German lawyers) and it’s definitely working for me!

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