Time-saving terminology tool – IntelliWebSearch

A large part of a translator’s job is terminology research. How quickly you can find definitions and possible translations on the internet, in online and offline dictionaries of your required terms ultimately determines how quickly you can produce the translation in question and therefore has a direct effect on your hourly rate. My post from the end of last year on The Secret Power of Search Engines provides a few tips on search methodology and ways of finding reliable sources for terminology research online. However, although with practice we can perform searches fairly quickly, we still have to start from scratch each time. We have to locate our chosen website or search engine, input our term and additional search criteria and so on. But what if there was a tool which allowed you to store all of your regular searches, a tool which allowed you to configure your search settings once and only once and they would thereafter always be at your fingertips? Faced with the same problems as the rest of us, professional translator Michael Farrell decided to develop just such a tool. IntelliWebSearch is freeware and can be downloaded from the IntelliWebSearch website.

Here’s a link to the video presentation and eCPD also has a three part online course on using the IntelliWebSearch tool coming up in February which I will be attending. I’ve played around with IntelliWebSearch myself and I’m impressed. I’m now looking forward to the training session to find out what else it can do.


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