Advantages of Working with More than One Screen

It took me quite a while to get from the idea of trying out a multi-screen set-up to actually implementing it this summer. I think I thought it would be more complicated to set up than it actually was and I’m so glad I had a go because it was really straight-forward and the additional screen has revolutionised the way I work.

Advantages of Working with More than One Screen

  1. Working with more than one screen increases productivity (providing you use it sensibly – if you tend to get distracted and use your second screen for social media or private e-mails, your productivity is likely to decrease, however).
  2. If you work with more than one program, which translators normally do, you can have your main program (CAT tool or word processing program) open on your main screen and use your second screen for internet research or reference documentation. The second screen stops you having to toggle between windows or having to resize all of your windows to fit everything you want to see at once on one screen.
  3. Putting later source text amendments and additions into the target text is a doddle with two screens. I often used to end up having to print out the source text for this type of work. Using two screens allows you to have both documents open at full size and to easily copy and paste between documents.

There are lots of online step-by-step guides which show you how to set up an additional screen and once you are up and running you can simply drag windows between the two screens. The best thing, in my view, is the fact that each program remembers where it was last open and so opens on the screen and in the position it was in the last time you used it.

I would say that, for me at least, having two screens (of whatever size) is a definite improvement on having one large screen. It has reduced, by far, the number of times I have to click on different tabs and has definitely greatly increased my productivity.


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